32″ Wide Monitor Privacy Screen Protection Filter Healing Shield Widescreen Monitor [Blue-Light] [Anti-Glare] [Data Confidentiality] [Anti-Scratch] [Anti-Bacterial]

Price: $115.53

Package Content: Privacy Filter, Installation Kit (Double-sided adhesive sticker/Micro-Fiber Fabric)

Installation Guide
1. Before installation, clean the surface of the monitor with micro-fiber fabric included to remove dust remprotection film.
3. Peel off the front cover of adhesive stickers included and attach it to the film (top, bottom, right and left side)
4. Peel off the remaining cover of the stickers.
5. Once done, attach the film to the monitor.

Pontree Corporation is one of the leading manufacturers in the protection film industry in Korea.

Healing Shield, our premium flagship brand, has over 30,000 kinds of protection film lineup for IT products, home appliances and cars. We have been exporting to about 40 countries and have more than 50 installation retail stores in Korea and 1 in Hong Kong.

We have been ranked as No.1 in protection film market for IT devices by Korea Consumer Appraisal Index (KCAI). Our corporate affiliation laboratory is government-certified and has received the “Inno-Biz” certification from Korean government. Also, we are ISO certified. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4 – IN – 1 TECHNOLOGY : Anti-Blue light, Privacy, Anti-bacteria, Anti-Light reflection. 4 Core features of a LCD protection privacy film, all-in-one!
ANTI-BLUE LIGHT : Blue light prevention upto 70~80%, protecting your eyes from retinal damage, sleeping disorders and tired eyes.
PRIVACY FILTER : 30 degrees Left & Right, protect your works from other eyes! Confidential documents, messengers, accounting files and more!
ANTI-BACTERIAL FILM : SGS Certified anti-bacterial protection film, suppressing bacterial growth on monitor screens.
DUPLEX MULTI : Hard-Coated surface for Anti-scratch and privacy filter. Anti-Glare coated surface for anti-glare and low light reflection. / Size : (698.7 x 394.3 mm)

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