55 inch VizoBlueX Anti-Blue Light TV Screen Protector. Damage Protection Panel (48.4 x 28.9 inch) Filter Blocking UV & Blue Light from 380 to 495nm. Fits LCD, LED, 4K OLED & QLED HDTV Displays

Price: $270.00 - $179.00

The VizoBlueX Anti-Blue Light TV Screen Protector (1) Protects the viewer from harmful Blue Light and (2) Protects the TV/Monitor display from accidental damage, scratches and fingerprints. It has been developed for people who spend long time in front of their TV / Monitor screens. The product has several coatings’ layers. Each of these layers has its special function such as blue light reduction, anti-flicker, scratch and crack resistance. The VizoBlueX Protector maintains the crystal clear picture of your display as it doesn’t distort or change any colors of the picture. Advanced technology used to manufacture the transparent shield ensures that the high quality plastic is not only 100% clear but is also virtually unbreakable. There is also an easy snap on/off detachment thanks to the re-closable fasteners that allow easy detachment for cleaning. The TV screen shield allows the screen to be cooled by natural air flow. Blue light is found in all products which use LED light such as TVs, PCs, Cell Phones, Tablets and Game machines. Prolonged exposure to blue light leads to dry eyes, eye strain and fatigue. It can even cause serious eye diseases such as cataract, macular degeneration and myopia. This anti-blue light protector is tested to eliminate 100% of the UV light; up to 99.6% of the most harmful High Energy Blue light (380 to 420nm) and 60% from the entire HRV spectrum between 380nm~480nm. This spectrum is the one causing retina damage and cell death. DOES NOT work with touchscreens. Dry erase markers can be used on the TV protector. Protector covers the frame and is larger than the screen. Please measure the diagonal of your screen (without the frame) or look at your screen manufacture diagonal size in inches. Although, 100% transparent and clear, due to the filters in the lens the protector may be tinted and requires that the user increases the screen brightness by up to 15%.Best Blue-Light optical grade protection. Prevents Damage, Scratches and finger prints. A must have for families with children
Heavy Duty – Protects your TV / Display investment from Damage and improves sleeping patterns
Blocks harmful Blue light between 380nm~495nm and provides 100% UV protection
Prevents eye strain, CVS, chronic injuries to the eyes, eye fatigue, soreness and more serious eye related conditions
100% Multi-Layer protection – Elimination of Hazardous UV spectrum and Blocking Harmful HEV light

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