Amerelle Emergency Lights For Home by Amertac, 5 Pack – Emergency Preparedness Power Failure Light and Flashlight, Automatically Lights When the Power Fails – Portable, Rechargeable – 71134CC

Price: $44.98

Be prepared during any power outage with the Amerelle LED Power Failure Light and Flashlight.

Designed with you in mind, the device automatically lights up when the power fails and can be used as a 24 hour guide light or a handy handheld flashlight to help light the way if the lights go out. Simply unplug the device and the light goes on.

It features a retractable plug and a built-in NiMH battery recharges when plugged into the outlet, meaning you have a flashlight that is charged and at your fingertips when you need it most.

Why not keep them plugged in around your home in rooms such as your bedroom, kitchen, hallways, corridors and bathrooms.

This power failure light is a necessity for blackouts, storms, natural disasters and tripped breakers. Protect yourself and your family and invest in peace of mind today.BE PREPARED IN AN EMERGENCY – install these reliable lights in your home, knowing they will turn on automatically when the power fails. It may be dark outside, but your path will be illuminated thanks to this super handy power failure light and emergency flashlight combo. Includes 5 devices
A MUST-HAVE TOOL – keep the rechargeable power outage light plugged in around your home. A fully charged unit lasts for 8 hours, a necessity for blackouts, storms, natural disasters and tripped breakers. Ideal hurricane supplies, be storm and hurricane prepared with this practical emergency light
LED POWER FAILURE LIGHT – the front panel lights up automatically when the power fails, alerting you that power to your home has been lost and helping to light your way. Keep the device in the wall outlet, or use it as a portable light around your home
HANDHELD FLASHLIGHT – unplug the device and fold in the retractable plug to convert the device to a portable rechargeable flashlight. Let the LED flashlight beam light your path so you can check your property and fuse box in the dark
24 HOUR GUIDE LIGHT – keep the device plugged into the wall socket to ensure it is always charged. The LED guide light gives a continuous red glow that indicates the power is on and charged, but won’t disturb your sleep like a bright night light

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