Assorted Candy Variety Mix 3.6 Lbs – Huge Party Mix Bulk Bag of: Smarties, Lemonheads, jawbreakers, Laffy Taffy and Much More!

Price: $19.99

Medley Hills Farm is dedicated to creating a reliable and enjoyable product line Offered to the public. All items are individually wrapped and packaged in a clear, Heat Sealed bag for freshness. The Assorted Candy Mix is great for parties, Halloween, or just snacking. All Medley Hills Farm products are packaged with foods of the highest quality, making consumers’ satisfaction our #1 goal.Our Candy Assortment is a fun mix of sweet favorites! Grab this extra large candy assortment that includes many name-brand candy favorites.
Smarties, Skittles, Lemonheads, Candy Necklace, Laffy Taffy, Starburst, Jawbreakers, Tootsie Pops, Airheads, Flavored Tootsie Rolls, Ring Pops.
Great for Halloween trick or treat, parties, carnivals, pinatas, or any occasion.
3.6 pounds of variety fun Candy!
Does not include any chocolate, So no melted candy.

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