Black Rifle Coffee Company AK-47 Coffee Rounds for Single Serve Brewing Machines (12 Count) Medium Roast Coffee Pods Cups

Price: $15.99

Whether in rain, snow, mud, desert, or mountainous terrain, the AK-47 never fails to deliver a 7.62mm dose of wake the hell up. This blend will have you pushing hot on all 30 rounds of energy. We’ve put together a blend so fine even Kalashnikov would be proud.  This South American blend is full bodied, rich and chocolatey.LEAD THE WAY to a good morning with your boot on the right foot. The AK-47 never lets you down no matter the terrain & these single serve coffee pods wake you up with a smooth blend of Colombian & Brazilian beans without the acidic aftertaste.
RELOAD THE CHAMBER: Single serve coffee pods & coffee cups let you brew café with ease. Load the rounds in the chamber of your coffee machine & squeeze the trigger on quality instant coffee that hits your tastebuds with a caffeine kick to ‘hooyah’ about.
WE GOT YOUR SIX: Made of Colombian and Brazilian coffee beans, our coffee blends come in light, medium, dark, and extra dark roasts. You can also enjoy our high quality coffee as drip, French press, pour-over, and cold brew – fitted for every mission.
VETERAN OWNED: The brothers & sisters at BRCC deploy a wide range of single serve coffee cups, beans & grounds to the nation & APO addresses. From roast-to-order our quality espresso coffee beans & accessories fuel you up whether on base or in the field.
AMERICAN OWNED: BRCC is a veteran owned and operated Premium Coffee Company for people that love America. A portion of our profits go to veteran, law enforcement, fire, and first responder causes.

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