Chefmaster Liquid Whitener Food Color, 16-Ounce, White

Price: $13.76

Chefmaster is a leading manufacturer of food colors preferred by master decorators for over 50 years. Mix in a small amount of food color at a time until desired color is achieved. All colors are US Certified by the FDA. Remember that icing dries several shades darker then it looks freshly made. Allow dark colors to sit 3 days to achieve their true color. Food coloring is not returnable.Used to Color Icings, buttercream, Fondant, Gumpaste, Cookie Dough
A rainbow of colors is available from Chefmaster, ready to blend together for creating your own custom shades.
By adding just a small amount of this concentrated formula you can achieve the exact shade you want without watering down your product.
Certified kosher by United States K of Los Angeles, California. Rabbi Yehudah Bukspan, Supervisor
Manufactured in an AIB (American Institute of Baking) approved facility

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