CuddeLink Black Flash, Model J-1422

Price: $184.95

Stop checking multiple cameras! With CuddeLink images from up to 16 cameras are transmitted to 1 camera. CuddeLink is not cell service or Wi-Fi. CuddeLink is a proprietary wireless mesh network that allows the cameras to communicate with each other. The image collection camera is the HOME camera, and the transmitting cameras are the REMOTE cameras. Up to 15 Remote CuddeLink cameras can send images to 1 Home camera. Remote cameras can be deployed over hundreds or thousands of acres and their images will be transferred to the HOME camera. Instead of checking multiple cameras to retrieve images, you only need to check one. There is no monthly fee to collect images on the Home camera (a monthly fee is only incurred if you elect to use cell service) and all CuddeLink products are compatible with each other. CuddeLink allows you to check your trail cameras more often and more convenient without disturbing your hunting land. With CuddeLink, you check one, you check them all!Cuddeback cuddelink black flash, J-1422 model
Cuddelink is a wireless network that allows up to15 remote cameras to wirelessly send images to 1 Home Camera. You only need to check 1 camera to get images from all the cameras
Lowest cost Camera in the cuddelink system and compatible with all other cuddelink products
Cuddelink allows 16 cameras to be wirelessly linked together. Cameras automatically Daisy chain to extend range for miles
The cuddelink black flash features 24 No glow IR 940Nm LED’s that are completely invisible with no red glow, Cuddeback legendary 1/4 second trigger speed, 20MP images, and many more

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