Electric Dehumidifier – Portable 2L Dehumidifier with Touch Control and 4.2 Pints Water Tank for Spaces Up To 269 Sq.ft, Small Dehumidifiers for Home Bedroom Basement RV Caravan Office Garage Kitchen

Price: $149.99 - $79.99

Why We Need a Dehumidifier?

In every corner of your house, there exists a large quantity of humid air, which may produce bacteria and germs, causing the serious mold, structural damage, respiratory illnesses and skin diseases like asthma, pneumonia and eczema.

A dehumidifier is designed for protecting your home from mold and mildew caused by excess moisture and offer you healthy and dry air.

Why Choose TRUSTECH Dehumidifier?

TRUSTECH Dehumidifier is a new type dehumidifier with the excellent dehumidifying and purifying functions. It is suitable for small enclosed rooms, such as living room, bathroom, bedroom, basement, garbage, RV, etc.

Compared with similar dehumidifiers on the market, TRUSTECH Humidifier has an obvious advantage: it is highly efficient and whisper-quiet. Every day the dehumidifier can remove excess moisture from air for enclosed space within 269 Sq.ft. Meanwhile, it filters air through the photocatalyst filter screen to eliminate bacteria in air, providing you clean and dry air. In addition, as it adopts the ultrasonic technology, it won’t make any annoying noises (40db lower noise) to disturb your sleep, work or study.

Besides, TRUSTECH dehumidifier is easy to operate. Full-water reminder of machine will turn red when the water tank reaches capacity. Then the machine will shut off automatically to ensure your safety. And it is mid-size with small volume, convenient and portable. You can put it in any position to create a healthy environment.

Let’s say goodbye to damp room and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Tips on How to Improve the Efficiency of Dehumidifier
1. The charger/power adapter becomes hot when in normal work, which is actually emitting the heat to achieve optimum performance
. 2. Keep two sides of air inlet and top air outlet from being blocked
3. Please run dehumidifier in the humidity levels that is higher than 50 percent.HIGN EFFICIENCY – The dehumidifier does excellent work in dehumidification, sterilization and purification. Every day it removes excess moisture to a comfortable level with a large removable 68.32-ounce water tank for enclosed space smaller than 269 Sq.ft. And it filters air simultaneously. The air outlet is equipped with photocatalyst filter screen, UV bactericidal negative ion air purification, helping to eliminate the bacteria in air that makes your breathing difficult.
WHISPER QUIET DESIGN – The dehumidifier is powerful but won’t produce any big noises or vibration when working. It is an eco-friendly home assistant for dehumidification. The silent dehumidifier adopts the ultrasonic technology with no compressor, 40db lower noise, with no annoying sound. It runs quietly without disturbing your sleep, work or study, helping to create a quiet and relaxing environment anywhere. And the noise is less than the similar products on the market.
CREATE A HEALTHY ENVIRONMENT – The dehumidifier is quite eco-friendly and has low consumption. The Semiconductor, one of its part, helps to remove the moisture and humidity of air, which greatly reduces the probability of rheumatism effectively, protects your home from mold and mildew that caused by excess moisture, and thus create a comfortable, no mildew and healthy environment for you and your family.
SMALL AND PORTABLE – The dehumidifier is of medium size, just taking up a small space. It is also compact and lightweight, very easy to carry and find a place for it. So you can move it at ease, very suitable for enclosed and small rooms and space, such as living room, bathroom, bedroom, grow room, basement, garbage, RV, etc. Just immerge yourself into the dry and clean air, this small and portable dehumidifier will make you relaxing and comfortable.
EASY TO OPERATE – The dehumidifier is easy to operate. It only has one button to turn on and off. And the dehumidifier has indicators including dehumidifying indicator,purifying indicator,tank full indicator and defrosting indicator to show the state of machine. Besides, the dehumidifier comes with a large 68.32-ounce water tank for easy observation, auto stop and alarming functions available if the tank is full for extra security. Easy to remove the water tank and clean it out.

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