GardenMate 10-Pack Natural Style Slate Plant Labels (4″ x 2 3/4″) Hanging from a Stainless Steel Metal Rod (22″)

Price: $29.95

A weatherproof, long-lasting and attractive way to label and identify flowers, plants, shrubs, herbs, vegetables and indoor plants. Use the GardenMate slate plant labels in the home, garden or allotment.

Slate is strong and highly durable so these labels will stand up to the elements and last a lifetime. A practical and attractive alternative to the usual plant labels, they are perfect for outdoor use.

Use them in flower beds, plant pots, balcony boxes, rockeries, herb garden, vegetable patches and more.

The perfect gift for gardeners or vegetable growers. An ideal way to get children interested in gardening. Teach them about the flowers and plants, then get them to write the labels. Or use the labels to create quirky homemade signs.

Each slate label is unique, with rugged chipped edges, giving it a natural look. Measuring 4″x 2 3/4″, each label has plenty of room for you to write on. The stainless steel metal rods are approximately 22″ high, meaning the labels can easily be seen.

To write on the labels, simply use a paint pen (not included). We recommend you write your text with a normal lead pencil first, and go over it with the paint pen afterwards. You can remove the paint pen with conventional lighter fluid and a lint-free cotton cloth.

Set of 10 slate plant labels designed to hang from the metal rods
Slate label 4″x 2 3/4″, stainless steel metal rod about 22″ long
‘Natural’ rugged style slate labels with chipped edges
Weatherproof marking with paint pen for chalk optics (not included)
Premium quality from GardenMate

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