Home Master CFRFFE-20BB Radial Flow Iron Reducing Replacement Water Filter, White

Price: $121.25

Whole House Iron Water Filter Replacement Cartridge 20 micron, 20-Inch x 4.5-Inch. Fits: Home Master Water Filter and 20-Inch Big Blue water filter housing Ideal Iron treatment for high flow applications. Radial Flow design provides excellent iron reduction with minimal pressure drop (<1 psi pressure drop) Effectively reduces iron and manganese up to 3 ppm combined. Reduces pipe and water heater damage caused by iron, hydrogen sulfide, and manganese Lifecycle based upon combined iron and manganese content present. In the box: Replacement filter cartridge.Fits Home Master Iron Filter
Radial Flow design provides excellent iron and manganese filtration with minimal pressure drop
Lifecycle based upon iron content present
Feed water: PSI 20 – 100 PSI
Feed water Temperature: 40 Degree – 100 Degree F

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