Original Gourmet Lollipops, Wild Cherry, (Pack of 30)

Price: $16.62

1.1 Ounces (or 31 Grams, if you will) of the most delicious Cherry Lollipops you will ever taste. It’s like eating that delicious cherry on top of a Banana Split Sundae… Except this Cherry Lollipop lasts an hour, not just one bite! We also just so happen to have a “Banana Split” Lollipop, what does this mean? We’ll let you do the math, #ShamelessCrossPromotion! Original Gourmet’s patented Gravity-Pouring process (Yes, it turns out you can patent things like that) ensures every sucker lives up to its Gourmet name. We welcome any and all feedback through any of our social media or at: info@ogfc.netMade in America
Only 120 Calories and each is Kosherand Peanut-Free
Plastic sticks ensure there will be no paper in your mouth!
Smooth, Gravity-Pouring process creates a lollipop that won’t cut your mouth and lasts for about an hour
Perfect for parties, a candy-bar, a balloon weight, for trips in the car and to give-away when the new baby arrives – instead (or in addition) of cigars

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