Vogvigo Oxygen_Concentrator_Generator Home O2 Machine with Remote

Price: $279.00

Operation tips:

1.     Press mode to select volume and purity

2.     Keep water level under MAX line

3.     Machine supports works 24/7.User manual may suggest you use it 4 hours a day, it means in this way, machine provides the longest service life.It doesn’t means it could only work four hours a day! Could be used at high altitudes



1.Outflow:1~5L/min adjustable,oxygenpurity:30-90%,1L=90%,2L=70%,3L=50%,4L=40%,5L=30%.

2. Promotes nice healthy skin and help pregnant moms

3. Helps to relax, natural remedy for headaches, migrainesand hangover

4.Auto power off for protection

5.The infrared remote control

6.Oxy producing accumulated

7.There are four filters to assure the oxygen clean and fresh


1. It is a portable oxy concentrator with PSA technology.You can purchse your own car adapter to use it in a car.

2. Especially great for home care.


Dimension: 12.6×6.7×11.4 inches

Environment temperature: 6-40°C

Atmospheric pressure range: 0.02-0.04MPa

Air Volume:51-150m³/h

Oxy Concentratioon(%):30%-90%()Room tep. 0.1MPA)

Net weight: 13.22 lb

Rated Power(W):90W

Applied Voltage: AC110V

Rated current: 0.8A


1 x Main Machine

1 x Oxy Tube (Including Water Storing Equipment)

1 x Ear-hook Oxy Inhaler

1 x Remote

1 x Power Cable

1 x User Manual

Adjustable:outflow 1-5 L/min, purity 30% to 90%(1L=90%,2L=70%,3L=50%,4L=40%,5L=30%)
Easy to operate: power on, set the humidifier well and start working, no worry with its easy operation. You can also control it with few buttons on the remote. Easy to read: large clear LCD screen of soft light to display volume, purity, cumulative time.No built-in battery,AC110V,US plug.
Quiet: 45 dB silence, enjoy negative ion benefits with its anion function. Power source: AC110V, it could work 24 hours a day. You can set as Max as 999 minutes as your need and a quick time setting of 30/60/90/120 minutes with the remote
Size: 12.6×6.7×11.4 inches, weight less than 15 pounds, easy to transport with its portable handle. Connect with your car with a car adapter(you can purchase a car adapter DC12V to AC110V on Amazon)to use it while on trip)
It doesn’t own a built-in battery, but it could work with battery (The battery is not included,Need to purchase alone)

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